Today’s post is called Part ll because “Just An Illusion” has been the Sparkle Video before, but not this version!  Imagination is quite popular here in Sparkle Town because aside from having a never ending supply of dazzling outfits, they’re truly a group who understands that image is everything and if you’re going to put on a show- then PUT ON A SHOW.  This particular clip was chosen because it rivals the new “Dark Shadows” movie (also fabulous) for the coveted HorrorCamp Award, but I think this haunted house mystery/fashion show might be the winner.  Instead of running for his life, the lead singer is full of swagger as he explores every nook and cranny of that old mansion that features ghosts, dancing skeletons, shimmering vampires and gobs of disco smoke.  What really puts this video over the top for the award though, is when he takes full command of the stairs and turns it into an impromptu stage for his silky descent into the main room.  There, he totally works the dance floor in front of a proper audience, sparkling madly all the while.  Yes Soldiers, we have a winner!