I’ve been talking a lot about disco lately so today’s Sparkle Video is a tribute to the other form of music I love: Rock n’ Roll.  This clip is important for many reasons, but to start, it’s the first one to be uploaded of NYC Nightlife Royalty, Jayne County‘s performance last night at Bowery Electric.   It was the first night of the Max’s Kansas City Reunion shows and while there’s no way to capture the amazing energy or sound on videocam, I was there and I can tell you that Ms. Jayne sparkles like no other on stage!  Yes, she’s still got it and rocks it out harder than anyone half her age, wait- make that 3/4 of her age- and always makes a fabulous entrance.

Even though I’ve seen her many times before, I’m especially glad that I went last night because Ms. Jayne also announced her retirement (“NOOO!” we all screamed!), which is another reason this clip was chosen for today.  That’s right, she said she will never perform in NYC again so if you snoozed, you really lost this time!  However, I’m sure more clips of this amazing evening will be available soon for you, and I highly recommend “Rock n’ Roll Resurrection”.  That was truly a religious experience and gave me chills as I watched her “baptize” people amongst flashing lights and screams of worship.  Yes Soldiers, last night Jayne County washed us all in the blood of Rock ‘n Roll and it was LEGENDARY.