ATTENTION SOLDIERS:  This is an update to the original post from this morning.  I have been informed that once again, today’s video is not viewable in Germany- and who knows where else.  Thanks a bunch youtube.  I have also added a clip of the same song from the much better and cooler vimeo.  It’s a different version, without the fancy party in the background, but you still get the vibe.  It’s placed at the end so scroll down to view. Peace and Sparkles!

Today’s Sparkle Video, the last one of the year, is from our beloved Boney M because there’s no better way to start the holiday weekend!  Here they perform the joyful and uplifting “Sunny” in all its disco glory for a room full of revelers in formal attire which makes me long for the days when wearing gowns to a party was the norm.  Just looking at all the dandies in tuxes and ladies in flowing floor length dresses already puts me in a sparkling mood, but then it’s kicked up a few glittering notches by the words in the song.  “The dark days are gone and the bright days are here” is something we can all relate to as we ditch “used and abused 2011” and welcome in “shiny and new 2012” which, according to my sources, is going to be ultra-sparkling!