Apologies Soldiers- with only 8 days left to go before we embark on our legendary evening together on November 10, there hasn’t been much time for writing.  Mostly due to putting the finishing touches on my sparkle outfit which always takes a bit of time, but in the middle of  Hurricane Sandy it’s taking a bit longer than usual.  However, as you all know, I never miss a Sparkle Video day because it’s something I look forward to all week and today’s clip is another example of that fabulosity we love.   The shimmering ladies of Class Action are dressed in THE height of 80’s disco fashion- from the clothing silhouettes to the gold dripped everything and especially the use of head bands (yes- we all wore them!).  It’s all accented with the only accessory one needs to make a point on the dance floor.. . a laser. Topped off with this funky cover of “Weekend” makes this one of my favorite videos of all time!