Today’s Sparkle Video is everything.  With not a sequin, bedazzled crystal or speck of glitter in sight, Boytronic has managed to throw me right into a disco swirl simply from their presence and one ultra-synthesized track.  This television performance of “You” makes me feel like I am in a club somewhere with three of the coolest dancers on earth rocking the mid 80’s fashion I remember so vividly I read all about in vintage fashion books and who epitomize very distinct and fabulous character types.

The first guy we see, the keyboard player on the left, is one of those dancers who claims more of the floor than should be allowed except he’s having such a great time, we let him have it.  Then there’s the singer who’s totally feeling it by the way he moves and his facial expressions and the total package screams “Pass the Poppers!”.  Then finally at 0:28 we see him- my personal favorite-  the guy that doesn’t really dance so much as make “accented postures” to the beat.  I was always attracted to this type of disconnected aloofness  back in the 80’s  which I’ve learned about from watching movies about the 80’s and I guess I’m still a sucker for it.  However, most of all, I’m a sucker for this record which will be on a loop today until I can get to the disco tonight!