Today’s Sparkle Video is a blast starting from the moment the TV announcer pokes fun at the band and the camera pans across a “white gloved” young lady doing the Robot. But wait… she’s not alone. Freeez is surrounded by squeaky clean kids wearing the white gloved look of old school Pop n’ Lockers! It makes me wonder- did they call each other the night before or did they buy them at the studio? Perhaps it was one of those wacky demands that bands put in their Rider? Were all the cool dancers at Soul Train?

I guess we’ll never know.  Regardless, “Pop Goes My Love” is a classic that you don’t hear much and this morning, it’s sounding FRESH!  Fresh enough to put me in a dancing mood and from watching all those colorful flashing lights- I’m ready!  Now, where did I put my gloves….


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