By 1978, Disco Fashion had moved out from the nightclubs and across mainstream America with the blinding speed of flashing lights and laser beams and right into our television sets.  There were all kinds of dance related TV shows but now, companies of all types also wanted to connect with this dazzling lifestyle and let consumers know that their products were cool and thus, the Disco Commercial was born!  These fabulously fun spots pushed everything from beer, soda, clothing, cosmetics and even discos themselves and since it’s not possible to feature them all today, I’m announcing that this will be a whole new sparkling category for Sparkle Army Soldiers to enjoy.  Today- we start with one of the best.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is still what the cool kids drink today, but this is from 1979- THE year of Disco!  A young Patrick Swayze with super-fab hair is taking his lovely lady dressed in the finest disco chic for a night of dancing and thanks to PBR, they are owning that dancefloor.