Soldiers, I never ever thought I would have to write a post of this nature, but we can all thank the douchebag in Hamburg who stole our good friend (and high ranking Sparkle Soldier) Snax‘s favorite jacket.  This glittering white number has always been his first choice for a night on the town and especially for live performances when sparkle factor is of the utmost importance.  These photos are from the “Join the Sparkle Army” party back in August 2009, where Snax is looking resplendent in his magical jacket.  As you can see, it’s quite unique and so I feel comfortable saying that if you see someone wearing it, then they are indeed: THE THIEF.

How sad is that?  Someone who has no creativity of their own, no drive to pull together a truly individual and personalized sparkle outfit.  Someone who thinks that stealing sparkle from someone else will make them sparkle, but that’s not how it works, silly Mr. or Ms. Douchebag!  Something that people like you will never understand is that sparkle.. REAL SPARKLE.. comes from within and no matter how many sequins, glitter or swarovski crystals you glue to body, you will never sparkle.

Soldiers, we must all band together and keep our eyes open to help bring Snax‘s beloved white sparkle jacket back to him safe and sound.  Most importantly, you must take a photo of the person (a.k.a THE THIEF) you catch wearing it so it can be uploaded for all to see and so they can be banished from all Sparkle Army events for eternity because stealing someone else’s sparkle outfits, parts of sparkle outfits, jackets, shoes or space cuffs (get some!) is NOT APPROVED!

        “YOU CAN’T WIN LIKE THAT! Anyway, the joke’s on you…’cuz you can take the look, but you can’t take the funk. Snax moves  forward, while you’re just frontin’.” – Snax