Today’s Sparkle Video was chosen for two reasons.  One: because it’s Sylvester and Two: because it features a remix from “Mighty Real: Greatest Dance Hits”, a collection of his music (including 12″ versions!), set for release this coming Tuesday.  This clip is an edited montage of videos showcasing Sylvester in some of his most glittering outfits along with a hypnotizing roller disco guy that I just can’t get enough of.  Then there’s the show-stopping melange of dancers in satin hot-shorts that starts at 1:57 and pulls you through an unrelenting rise to a sparkling peak at 2:56, when our angel raises his sequined covered wings in full disco glory!    Now I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t ususally care for remixes of the disco classics and this one is a bit speedier than I would personally choose (I’m a classic 4/4 girl), however I do believe that Sylvester would approve of this fun and exciting take on his music and therefore, so do I.