Today’s Sparkle Video was chosen for two reasons.  One: because it’s Sylvester and Two: because it features a remix from “Mighty Real: Greatest Dance Hits”, a collection of his music (including 12″ versions!), set for release this coming Tuesday.  This clip is an edited montage of videos showcasing Sylvester in some of his most glittering outfits along with a hypnotizing roller disco guy that I just can’t get enough of.  Then there’s the show-stopping melange of dancers in satin hot-shorts that starts at 1:57 and pulls you through an unrelenting rise to a sparkling peak at 2:56, when our angel raises his sequined covered wings in full disco glory!    Now I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t ususally care for remixes of the disco classics and this one is a bit speedier than I would personally choose (I’m a classic 4/4 girl), however I do believe that Sylvester would approve of this fun and exciting take on his music and therefore, so do I.


I know, I know.  I have not been keeping up on my duties to write about all things sparkly since I got back from Berlin, but in my defense, I’ve returned to NYC at the height of holiday party season.   Too many parties keeping Da General busy at night and my days are being spent shopping for sparkly things to wear.  So not that much has changed really, I just need to work on my time management so that it includes champagne hangovers.  However, the one thing you can always count on Soldiers, no matter what, is Sparkle Video Day.

That’s right!  I have not missed a Sparkle Video Day since I started this campaign of fabulosity and I am committed to making sure your Fridays are filled with glittering inspiration.  That said- I must confess I am growing increasingly annoyed with the corporatization of youtube.  When it’s not shoving some company paid promotion or commercial down your throat, it’s taking down amazing and rare vintage disco clips.  So today, I am pulling from vimeo and what a glorious gem I have found for you!

Today’s Sparkle Video features two of my all time favorite things, Sylvester and Roller DiscoSylvester is one of my heroes for many reasons, but mostly because we share the exact same view of fashion and also because he was truly blessed with the ability to turn anything into “an outfit”.  Here, he’s wearing a clearly customized purple bedazzled top paired with some sort of uniform pants, but it works.. it works Soldiers, because he oozes fabulosity!  I’m also totally feeling Martha Wash’s asymmetrical blue satin caftan that encompasses one leg in a clever harem explosion.  Sprinkle in some hotties on skates and gobs of flashing lights accentuated by glorious star filters and there you have it- PERFECTION.




I really tried to find a higher quality version of today’s Sparkle Video but there wasn’t one.  No matter because High Energy‘s fabulosity still comes across full force. These wonder women are singing, roller skating and looking disco-tastic at the same time and they do it all with perfection.   I definitely feel their “Swirl”.. don’t you?




Today’s Sparkle Video is a special birthday dedication to Erik, a devoted Sparkle Soldier who always brings lots of love, smiles, sequins and a proper “anything goes” attitude to the party.  That’s a very good thing, especially since his birthday celebration tomorrow night at Monster Ronson’s promises to be nothing less than fabulous and everyone who is anyone is going to be there! Which brings me to the video, “Roller Boogie”, selected by Erik himself because like most of us, there’s nothing he likes more than spandexed Roller Girls skating in a space galaxy tricked out with flashing lights.

Excellent choice my friend… Happy Birthday!