Today’s Sparkle Video is the motherload of Sparkle Fashion and all the classic looks are covered in this show open for the 1981 Disco World Finals.  It’s one fabulous satin, spandex and sequin extravaganza taking place on a light-up dance floor that looks like a funky disco pinball machine lit up by multiple glorious star filters.  In a way, I find it hard to believe that these are really the World Champions of Disco because while there are a few good dancers here, they’re sprinkled in between really awful ones (I get an extra big kick out of #6, Klaus from Germany! ).  Although, who cares really, because there is a Sparkle Fashion Onslaught of mad proportion happening as every single one of these people clearly understood the importance of dazzling on the dance floor and for that, they are ALL WINNERS!  And by the way, if I might add… SPACE CUFFS… get some!