It’s about time I let you in on a little secret.  Whenever I see the words “German TV” as part of a video’s title, I know that there’s an outstanding chance that it’s going to be chock full of fabulous outfits and today’s Sparkle Video is no exception.  While Abba has always been known for their splendidly over the top costumes, the ensembles worn for this performance of “Waterloo” have got to be their most showstopping ever.  Spandex, satin, sequins, metallics, mirror tiles, glittering instruments, space cuffs, platform shoes and even a magical CAPE.  I’m so out of breath already and then some freakazoid dressed like Napoleon shows up.  Soldiers, what we have here is called a KABLAM!


Today’s Sparkle Video features a breathtakingly beautiful Grace Jones on a Montreal TV show from 1977 and is the perfect way to start this rainy day in New York City.  A smooth disco groove like this one and our Miss Jones in a slinky magenta metallic dress accessorized with space cuffs (get some!) is the perfect “pick me up” and all I need (along with a delicious cup o’ joe!) to get me up and on my way.  The flashing lights and crowded dance floor are an added bonus of fabulous and all of it together makes the best breakfast ever!

P.S.  Dear Soldiers:   I must say “Sorry” as I have been unable to devote myself to writing as much as I’d like to due to current circumstances, but very soon I’ll be back to blogging about all of your- and my-  favorite things so stay tuned…


Today’s Sparkle Video is a gem beyond sparkling gems, featuring the gorgeous Asha Puthli who’s making an appearance on Stryx (that other-worldly, space-tastic Italian television show from the 70’s).  She’s a magical vision to behold as she slinks into view wearing head-to-toe metallic gold.  Making it even more fabulous is the sultry disco beat of “Mister Moonlight” which dramatizes her flowing wings adorned by glorious space cuffs.  Yes Soldiers, what you are seeing is bonafide LeGaspi couture complete with his trademark trapunto quilting! The combination of her flawless beauty and his dazzling outfit design makes this video so dazzling, it’s- as they say- “everything“.



Today’s Sparkle Video is an excerpt from a very short-lived variety show from 1980 called “Pink Lady & Jeff” Jeff Altman was the comedian part of the team and Pink Lady was the famous Japanese singing duo, known for their disco hit “Kiss in the Dark”.   What’s really weird is that all of the information online refers to this show as the “worst show ever made”, but I strongly disagree.  One look at this clip where Mie and Kei are performing a song called “Monster”, while dressed in LeGaspi-esque  costumes complete with sparkle accents and space cuffs (get some!) and the most disco-smokiest entrance known to man, is one of the most amazing showbiz moments I’ve ever seen.  And just think Soldiers- there were only five episodes made of this magical splendor, but there could have been so many more!  I guess people were just not ready for this kind of fabulous on TV, because that’s the only thing that explains it.

Empress of the Aliens Barbie

Check this out Soldiers:  I go off on vacation to Berlin (another legendary marathon of fun, thanks for asking!) and while I’m away, Empress of the Aliens™ Barbie® makes her gorgeous debut and bloody sells out!  How could she not, in this glamorously galactic outfit made of iridescent metallics and chiffon?   Plus, both arms and legs are “encircled in ornate cuffs” just like a proper Space Princess.  Like Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie® , she was designed by Bill Greening, who has truly cinched the nomination for my new fashion hero, especially with his attention to detail by adding a scorpion-esque head dress, sparkle-tastic eye makeup and fabulously sexy shoes.

Top honors also go out because she is shown modeling in front of a Space Background, similar to the one we had at last year’s Join the Sparkle Army party.  Which reminds me Soldiers, the reason I was in Berlin, aside from vacation, was for a “top secret meeting”.  Yes indeed …the planning has begun.


Join The Sparkle Army: November 19, 2011



Mark your calendars and Join The Sparkle Army on November 19, 2011 at Monster Ronson’s in Berlin for another night of dancing and fabulosity under disco balls and laser beams!

Get out your sparkling best outfit to experience a dazzling live performance by Berlin’s own ITALOPORNO, an electro-disco-funk collective who’s motto is “Glitter! Soul! Sex! Love!”– how perfectly perfect!   Cosmic artist Sare Havlicek is beaming up all the way from Slovenia for a special DJ Set, his first ever in Berlin and we are so excited to spin in his orbit of galactic disco sounds!  WARNING: Be prepared for close encounters of the alien kind when Berlin’s own man of mystery and intrigue, The Shredder, steps in on the decks to make sure you keep dancing until it’s safe to come out… or your outfit comes off!

The night will also feature a “Tribute to Space Cuffs” , a contest honoring the most beloved disco fashion accessory of Spaced Out Sparkle Soldiers everywhere!   Wear your most special wrist creations and you might win a bar tab prize.  I’ve said before and I’ll say it again- SPACE CUFFS: get some!
Also returning by popular demand, an all new and improved Laser Background to capture your most sparkling moments!

Special guest SNAX will also be on board to get you in the dancing mood and everyone’s favorite space cadet, Monster Ronson, will be manning Station Control.  Of course, I’ll be there to share my glitter, my dance moves and my love for all my Sparkle Soldiers on our night together where we celebrate More is More!

(oh..and did I mention to wear sparkles because entrance is free before midnight for those who glitter!)

See you there.. and that’s an order!

Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie

Am I dreaming.. can someone pinch me? Or, have I died and gone to Space Disco Heaven?   My favorite superstar doll of all time, who already has hundreds of Mackies in her closet, is now stepping out in what appears to be a LeGaspi inspired design.  Goddess of the Galaxy™ Barbie® is clearly on her way to the next Sparkle Army party in this futuristic ensemble designed by Bill Greening.  Behold her fabulosity as she poses in her silver metallic and bedazzled corset, gobs of sparkling sequins and space cuffs on her arms and legs!  I am gagging over her for countless reasons (did I mention the thigh-high platform boots?), but mainly because I simply must have her and secondly- how am I going to top this outfit?


Today’s Sparkle Video has me calling my personal outfit maker and telling him to stop the sewing machines because we are totally changing directions to this fabulous number modeled by Imagination’s lead singer.  Perhaps it’s the build up from the smoke filled stairway dance coupled with the dramatic cape swirling, but when that moment comes, and it does – KABLAM!   “Dancing school fabulous meets outer space” has never looked better than this fully sequined asymmetrical onesie topped off with matching hood and space cuffs.  Just look at how it sparkles like magic from disco heaven.. I just gotta have it!  Oh, and I like this song too.

Happy Anniversary Soldiers!

Exactly one year ago today, this blog was launched to celebrate all things fabulous, spread the Word of Glitter to all humanity and also to indulge my glittering narcissism and need to reach out to others like myself.  This charming invention called “blogging” has given me the proof positive of what I’ve always known- that there are more of us than them. That’s right Soldiers, you are strong in numbers and you come from all over the universe. You love dazzling on the dance floor, drinking sparkly cocktails and glimmering under disco balls and laser beams while dripping in sequins. You also Google a lot of interesting things to get here and since today is the first anniversary of Join the Sparkle Army, I thought it would be gobs of fun to share some of them with you:

  • “drink sparkles”
  • “ridiculous cocktails”
  • “sparkly eye makeup”
  • “sparkle catsuits”
  • “history of disco fashion”
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  • “double dazzle dance”
  • “disco smoke in a can”
  • “instruments in disco heaven”
  • “disco ball superhero”
  • “disco colouring book” (HOLLA!)
  • “space cuffs” (HOLLA AGAIN!)
  • “how to make space cuffs” (THREE TIMES!)
  • “sparkle soldiers” (THASIT!)
  • “awesome sexy sparkly party outfit”
  • “futuristic fashion party”
  • “german sparkle party”
  • “glitter outfits”
  • “glitter microphones”
  • “how much is a glitter microphone”
  • “glitter on my moose knuckle”
  • “space sluts”
  • “sluts in space”
  • “disco slut clips”
  • “space sluts porn”
  • “spandex writhing”
  • “disco porn”
  • “sparkling bathroom porn”
  • “rock n’ roll sluts music video”
  • “musikladen tits out”
  • “susanne somers naked”
  • “italo sluts”
  • “old bound sluts in high heels”
  • and last but not least, my personal favorite: “who is Marisa Sparkles?”   KABLAM!


    Today’s Sparkle Video is the motherload of Sparkle Fashion and all the classic looks are covered in this show open for the 1981 Disco World Finals.  It’s one fabulous satin, spandex and sequin extravaganza taking place on a light-up dance floor that looks like a funky disco pinball machine lit up by multiple glorious star filters.  In a way, I find it hard to believe that these are really the World Champions of Disco because while there are a few good dancers here, they’re sprinkled in between really awful ones (I get an extra big kick out of #6, Klaus from Germany! ).  Although, who cares really, because there is a Sparkle Fashion Onslaught of mad proportion happening as every single one of these people clearly understood the importance of dazzling on the dance floor and for that, they are ALL WINNERS!  And by the way, if I might add… SPACE CUFFS… get some!