Apologies for not following up on last Saturday’s party until now… but after all, I am on vacation Soldiers! Besides, with today being Thanksgiving Day, it seemed like the perfect time to mention the things and people that made this Join The Sparkle Army party so dazzlingly successful:

– First and foremost, I’d like give thanks to my dear friend Ronson whom without him, none of this would be possible and an extra special thank you for the light-up dancefloor.  That’s right Soldiers!  My dream finally came true, which just goes to show that you should never give up asking for the things you want in life (so keep on doing it until you get it!).

– I’d like to give thanks for ITALOPORNO who killed the stage with an onslaught of live rocking music, sparkling outfits and gobs of glitter!  They are a band that defines the word “PARTY”!

– I’d like to give thanks for our incredible DJ’s!  For Snax for turning it proper and getting the party started.  For Sare Havlicek who came all the way from Slovenia to deliver galactic disco sounds that were truly out of this world.  For The Shredder for an amazing set that would make any righteous alien dance all night and also for creating original music just for the party and therefore earning a special Sparkle Army Salute!

– I’d like to give thanks for Joey Hansom who composed background music that was fabulously dramatic and perfect for me, Da General, to read my opening poem.

– I’d like to give thanks for Denise Redder, our Sparkle Army photographer for not only taking fantastic portraits and party photos, but for going above and beyond the call of duty to help us get the ne laser background created.

– I’d like to give thanks for Stevie Hanley and Jackee Word, our delightfully delicious dancers who worked those glow sticks along with everything else they have in the hottest way possible.

– I’d like to give thanks for the Ronson’s staff who are the most enthusiastic Sparkle Soldiers one could ask for.  They have embraced this event and given so much time and positive energy to the cause.  Special mention to Fenia and Jule for the amazing job glitterizing every inch of the club and also to the incredibly talented Bambi for taking sparkling into the highest of art forms.

– I’d like to give thanks for Adrian and Rebi who were a kick-ass team handling all aspects of sound and lighting which, as you can imagine, is an extremely big job for this party.   I’d also like to say that Rebi made a special trip from Switzerland to report for duty and we are touched and thankful for her devotion!

Most importantly, I would like to thank all the beautiful and fabulous Sparkle Soldiers in Berlin who came to Join The Sparkle Army.  This party was successful because of all of you and your sparkling energy- you have a truly made me the happiest girl in the universe!