Disco Heaven officially has an MC.  Music fans and Sparkle Army Soldiers everywhere mourn the loss of the legendary Don Cornelius who was the creator, producer, host and owner of Soul Train – a show that millions of us grew up with.  Airing from 1971 to 2006, most of those years were hosted by Don himself with the silky deep voice that was one of the most recognizable in television history.   Every Saturday we all got on board the “SOOOOOUUUUUUUL TRAIN” to see the superstar guests, amazing dancers (especially the line dance and my favorite pop n’ locker Shabba Doo), the disco-tastic outfits, the word scramble, and the unforgettable animated show packaging.  There were many versions and several theme songs over the years, but not surprisingly, my heart belongs to the one with the train chugging along to “T.S.O.P.”    Don Cornelius’ contribution to the music world and to forming us into the dance floor dazzlers we are today cannot be measured.  RIP Mr. Cornelius.