Happy Anniversary Soldiers!

Exactly one year ago today, this blog was launched to celebrate all things fabulous, spread the Word of Glitter to all humanity and also to indulge my glittering narcissism and need to reach out to others like myself.  This charming invention called “blogging” has given me the proof positive of what I’ve always known- that there are more of us than them. That’s right Soldiers, you are strong in numbers and you come from all over the universe. You love dazzling on the dance floor, drinking sparkly cocktails and glimmering under disco balls and laser beams while dripping in sequins. You also Google a lot of interesting things to get here and since today is the first anniversary of Join the Sparkle Army, I thought it would be gobs of fun to share some of them with you:

  • “drink sparkles”
  • “ridiculous cocktails”
  • “sparkly eye makeup”
  • “sparkle catsuits”
  • “history of disco fashion”
  • “disco fashion for men”
  • “bedazzled army outfit”
  • “sassy sparkle fashion”
  • “double dazzle dance”
  • “disco smoke in a can”
  • “instruments in disco heaven”
  • “disco ball superhero”
  • “disco colouring book” (HOLLA!)
  • “space cuffs” (HOLLA AGAIN!)
  • “how to make space cuffs” (THREE TIMES!)
  • “sparkle soldiers” (THASIT!)
  • “awesome sexy sparkly party outfit”
  • “futuristic fashion party”
  • “german sparkle party”
  • “glitter outfits”
  • “glitter microphones”
  • “how much is a glitter microphone”
  • “glitter on my moose knuckle”
  • “space sluts”
  • “sluts in space”
  • “disco slut clips”
  • “space sluts porn”
  • “spandex writhing”
  • “disco porn”
  • “sparkling bathroom porn”
  • “rock n’ roll sluts music video”
  • “musikladen tits out”
  • “susanne somers naked”
  • “italo sluts”
  • “old bound sluts in high heels”
  • and last but not least, my personal favorite: “who is Marisa Sparkles?”   KABLAM!

    Portable Party Kit

    Have you ever had the experience of being somewhere and all of the sudden some great music comes on and you start to dance but alas, something is missing?  That’s right- there’s no disco ball in sight!  I can tell you it’s happened one too many times for my liking so you can image my delight at finding this portable mirror ball set from flaghouse.com.  The lighting is sold separately, but I’m thinking that bringing along some hand held lasers, Disco Smoke in a Can and an extra large pot of glitter would create a fabulously unstoppable mobile party! It’s especially important to be prepared now that we’ve moved into summer when parties materialize at a moments notice. That’s why I’m putting together my portable party kit right away because I don’t want to be caught off guard when a disco emergency happens and, trust me Soldiers, it will.

    Aries Onslaught

    This month is one of my favorites of the year when almost everyone I know has a party because they are all awesomely ARIES. While I’m no astrologist, I can tell you that the Aries in my life are great friends, quirky optimists, dance floor demons and best of all, look fabulous in glitter and sequins!. So here’s a loving, dazzling “shout-out” to Rodger, Mark, Olivier, James, Miguel, Mickey and countless others who make this world a more sparkling place to live… Happy BirthdayS!

    art by KAGAYA

    DA GENERAL TURNS 21… again

    Nothing makes me feeling like dancing more than my birthday and this video from the Ritchie Family which is nothing but pure disco explosion! Since it’s not every year that a girl turns 21 (unless you’re me), tonight I will be putting my feet to the beat, rocking the glitter face and drinking sparkly cocktails with fabulous friends while watching a dazzling performance from the hottest band in all the galaxy, Fall On Your Sword.

    Awww yeah…
    Happy Birthday to me!


    German Sparkle Party!

    No, it’s not Friday, but I just saw this today and had to share it immediately! Although first, I need to clarify something: there was no such thing as a “German Sparkle Party” until Da General brought the troops to Monster Ronson’s back in March 2009 for the very first Join the Sparkle Army party.  Now while I suspect The Something Experience is making a bit of a joke here, I love this video and it makes me smile a lot, but it also makes me wonder if they know about the Sparkle Army because our party is amazingly similar. Maybe they’ve been to it? Maybe they want to come to it?  It just seems a little too coincidental.. am I right?


    NYX Glitter Cream Pallet

    Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve when we’ll finally say goodbye to tiresome 2010 and usher in “bringing back old-school partying 2011”.  You did get the memo, right?  Yes, this coming year is all about partying like it’s 2069, and while there are endless ways to add glitz and glamour to your evening, one of the easiest is to use NYX Glitter Cream Palletts (sure the correct word is “palette”, but that’s how it’s spelled on the packaging, and really- what do you want for $3.99? ). They come in an exciting range of colors and the cream is really an invisible base that’s jam packed with dazzling gems of glitter.  Shown in the photo is 07 Royal Violets, which has three fabulous shades of purple as well as gold and a silvery gunmetal. To see how much pizzaz they delivered, I skipped the applicator and just used my finger to pat some onto my lids. Tomorrow night, I’ll pump up the drama with eyeshadow and contour… KABLAM!

    Christian Siriano Joins the Sparkle Army!

    Fashion designer Christian Siriano declared his membership in the Sparkle Army loud and proud in yesterday’s AM newspaper.  Okay so, he didn’t actually say those words, but we know what it means when the first thing that comes to one’s mind on Thanksgiving is “sequins and glitter”! Siriano, who was the lovable winner of Project Runway Season 4, won hearts with his quirky hair style, creative designs, unending self confidence, and for singlehandedly bringing back the word “Fierce”.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Christian and to Sparkle Soldiers everywhere!


    Some geezer must have kicked it because there’s a whole slew of vintage Playboy magazines for sale at Junk in Brooklyn.  Now, why would Da General be interested in Playboy? For the articles? No- that’s what my Dad would say!  It’s because these treasured time capsules are tops for the period hair and makeup looks I adore.  I chose to buy this July 1985 issue because it has the legendary black and white pictorial of Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren shot by Helmut Newton. SCORE! I passed up a Donna Mills and a Suzanne Somers for this baby.

    Which brings me to why this cover is featured today- VOTE people.  If the politicians themselves can’t get you motivated, then perhaps some half-naked hottie from the 80’s can do it!

    Sparkle Army & NASA Secretly Working Together

    Is it just me or did anyone else’s jaw drop when they read this article in today’s Metro?  Apparently, along with all of the scientific experiments astronauts are paid to do they are also making sure that dancing, booze and sex will be readily available for Space Tourism which, according to this article, is only a mere 5 years away!  That means that soon, The Sparkle Army will actually be partying in ACTUAL OUTERSPACE! Drinking ACTUAL SPACE BEER! I can just see it now… glitter floating around forever and ever, in weightless space like an eternal sparkling snow globe…

    …So hang in there Soldiers because one day soon,we will all get on a rocket ship with our sparkle outfits and leave the right wingers and hypocrite losers down here on earth to fester in their own boredom.