Today’s Sparkle Video is one of the sexiest and most hypnotic disco songs ever.  It’s the kind you want to be playing while you dazzle on the dance floor to a never ending extended mix because everything about this track is on point.  Starting with the steady beat of the intro, the kick-in of melodically haunting background vocals and then, of course,  Sylvester’s legendary falsetto yearning for the man he loves.  He is competing for his lover with a woman who can buy him diamonds and all kinds of fancy gifts, while he has nothing to offer but his love.  Intense, right?  So intense that while there are many so many other Sylvester videos where he is dripping in sequins, this clip was chosen even though here he sits in a proper man’s suit with only the smallest accents of fabulous.  His clever addition of a sparkling silver tie and a coat worn over his shoulders in “cape style” fashion lets you know that he is no ordinary man hanging out in a bar, but that he is the better choice and he knows it.   Sure-  do I wish he was in a bedazzled catsuit?  Yes.  Does it matter?  NO.