I have a confession to make and it’s that I’m fascinated by tribute bands and my goal for the future is to see as many as possible so I can critque them against their subject.  However, because of my new hobby,  I’ve engaged in many colorful beer infused debates over what makes one a tribute band instead of merely a cover band.  The golden rule is:  in order to qualify as a tribute band you have to deliver THE FULL SHOW- as in everything.  To further illustrate my point and give a superb example of exactly how this art form should be done is two Sparkle Videos, both performances of “Galactica”.

In the first video from 1980, The Rockets deliver a dazzling stage show that begins with a fabulous entrance from the singer who, laser in hand while he exits his space-pod, marches robot syle onto a stage filled with gobs of smoke and laser beams.

The second video is from The Universal Band with their show and doing steller job if you ask me.  Costumes, makeup, attitude and effects are all in place and the singer has truly captured the vocal inflections of his idol.  The only thing that’s really missing is the pod entrance and his silver cape, but really- who would notice?  Besides, I’m sure they’re working on adding these details to their show, but even still, they get a “Tribute Band A++”.


Here I was, ready to feature “All American Girls” as today’s Sparkle Video seeing that July 4th is just around the corner, but then this dazzling number turned up and I said “THASIT!”.
I couldn’t look away from this gem of glittering proportion and I’m sure you can easily see why because “Reach Your Peak” stole the spotlight with its EVERYTHING.  The lovely ladies of Sister Sledge, sparkled out to the max, getting sassy and sultry on a dance floor filled with flashing lights, disco smoke and laser beams is nothing less than spectacular.  Seriously, sparkle tops and pants?  Usually we see one or the other, but that’s exactly the right move when you believe More is More and lead singer Joni’s twinkling jumpsuit deserves special mention for working those star filters overtime.  By the way, starting today, this song is my new motivator for any day I feel “the lazies” coming on, which happens often in summer.  I think this sexy tune will keep me focused and working hard toward my goals and one of which, by the way, is another fabulous Sparkle Army party so stay tuned Soldiers!



Today’s Sparkle Video is O.T.T. on all levels, including the homemade intro and outro which, normally I despise in youtube videos, but in this case adds the most dazzling dramatic anticipation of what’s to come next (kudos FrankJimmy!). And what does come next is Raffealla Carra shante-ing through a mound of smoke followed by her clan of male dancers in outfits that can only be described as Hot Porn Cops of the Future. Can someone bring ’round the DeLorean ’cause I’m getting in!  Truly, Raffaella is a woman after my own heart because our demands for a good time are exactly the same: disco smoke, men in hot pants and gobs of spandex and sequins.  However, what really makes her my new and everlasting queen is that not only does she work The Fabulous Entrance angle, but she takes it even further by giving you The Fabulous Exit and there is only one word for that… KABLAM!



Today’s Sparkle Video has me calling my personal outfit maker and telling him to stop the sewing machines because we are totally changing directions to this fabulous number modeled by Imagination’s lead singer.  Perhaps it’s the build up from the smoke filled stairway dance coupled with the dramatic cape swirling, but when that moment comes, and it does – KABLAM!   “Dancing school fabulous meets outer space” has never looked better than this fully sequined asymmetrical onesie topped off with matching hood and space cuffs.  Just look at how it sparkles like magic from disco heaven.. I just gotta have it!  Oh, and I like this song too.


Today’s Sparkle Video is what’s called “the motherload”.  Let’s face it, The Creatures are a fabulous bunch of Spaced Out Sparkle Sluts that like to sing and dance all over that floor filled with flashing lights, disco smoke and laser beams.  Seriously, have you ever seen so much sequined spandex in your life outside of a Sparkle Army party?  Their message that believing in yourself means looking disco-tastic 24/7 as well as moving your body in a sassy manner whenever you feel like it is a mission I support 100%.  Hey wait…..  that’s our mission!


Portable Party Kit

Have you ever had the experience of being somewhere and all of the sudden some great music comes on and you start to dance but alas, something is missing?  That’s right- there’s no disco ball in sight!  I can tell you it’s happened one too many times for my liking so you can image my delight at finding this portable mirror ball set from  The lighting is sold separately, but I’m thinking that bringing along some hand held lasers, Disco Smoke in a Can and an extra large pot of glitter would create a fabulously unstoppable mobile party! It’s especially important to be prepared now that we’ve moved into summer when parties materialize at a moments notice. That’s why I’m putting together my portable party kit right away because I don’t want to be caught off guard when a disco emergency happens and, trust me Soldiers, it will.


Today we have two Sparkle Videos because according to rumour, tomorrow May 21st is Judgement Day which means that this might possibly be the last ever Sparkle Video Day. However, on the upside of “Rapture-mania” is the opportunity to present the long held idea that one man’s Heaven is another man’s Hell and vice versa.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I like the idea that Hell might actually be a super fun party! For starters, all the people we don’t want at our parties here on earth will already be weeded out and- did you ever think that maybe the Devil has just gotten a bad rap?  For centuries he’s been the fall guy for many “righteous” people who didn’t have the bollocks to take responsibility for their own actions and that much bad PR would ruin anyone’s “rep”.  For your contemplation, I present:

Sparkle Video Exhibit A:
Here we have the Devil caught on secret camera in 1965. This supposedly horrible and mean soul-stealing guy is tap dancing up a storm, swishing and swirling his luminous satin cape around like he doesn’t have a care in the world.  He sure looks like he’s having a blast and I just can’t help snapping my fingers to Lawrence Welk’s jazzy tunes while I sip on my martini and chair dance so.. if this is hell- sign me up!

Sparkle Video Exhibit B:
Featuring the female version of Satan, “Girl of Lucifer” is more proof that the only place I could be forever and eternally is this dazzling “Hell” filled with disco smoke, flashing lights and star filters.  It also seems well stocked with microphones so we know karaoke will still be on the menu as well as lots of delicious sparkly cocktails.  Wait.. is this Hell or Monster Ronson’s?  Either way- I’m good.


Today’s Sparkle Video is a magical feast for the eyes and ears!  Sexy keytarist Belinda Bedekovic is killing it on a Yamaha KX5 in a shimmering see through outfit and heels.  Adding to this fantasy is gobs of disco smoke and clouds of colorful balloons which create such an atmosphere of lovable oddness, that I cannot believe this only has 1390 views.  I guess I’ll never understand what the mass public likes and dislikes- I can only speak for myself and with that, I would like to say that a fully sequined catsuit and some laser beams surely would have made this go viral.


Today’s Sparkle Video is hitting you from one of my favorites angles: the new wave outer space angle! Kim Carnes looks H-O-T in head to toe silver, especially because she went all the way there- down to her fingertips- impressive!  Accessorizing with white boots and a wide and sexy white belt gets top honors and is winning votes everywhere for the new official Sparkle Army Spacesuit. However, it’s not just the outfit that rules, it’s also her raspy voice that gives you Rod Stewart while her fab hair and makeup is serving up his ex-wife Alana.  True, the classic 80’s synth n’ guitar mixture has always been near and dear to my heart, but even more so is being a “Voyeur”.  Now surround that with gobs of smoke and flashing lights and you have one helluva of a Friday morning!


Today’s Sparkle Video is an extravaganza of everything important in the world: great music, sexy sparkle outfits and endless amounts of disco smoke.  This montage of dancer Gina Montes is from the Mexican television show “La Carabina de Ambrosio”, a variety show that ran from 1978-1987.  While we are used to seeing scantily clad women bumping and grinding for our pleasure in 2011, back then this was new and very risky for the largely conservative viewership. However, as always, once the people got a taste of Gina’s sequin and smoke onslaught they were hooked!  Bringing it to a whole ‘nother level is the “Tema de La Carabina Ambrosio” composed by space disco legend Quartz which truly makes Humberto Navarro, the creator and producer of the show, an all-out genius (and Sparkle Army Hero).  While this clip is a bit long, you’ll want to hang in there because you don’t want to miss Gina’s dazzlingly hot Wonder Woman moment!