Today we have two Sparkle Videos because according to rumour, tomorrow May 21st is Judgement Day which means that this might possibly be the last ever Sparkle Video Day. However, on the upside of “Rapture-mania” is the opportunity to present the long held idea that one man’s Heaven is another man’s Hell and vice versa.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I like the idea that Hell might actually be a super fun party! For starters, all the people we don’t want at our parties here on earth will already be weeded out and- did you ever think that maybe the Devil has just gotten a bad rap?  For centuries he’s been the fall guy for many “righteous” people who didn’t have the bollocks to take responsibility for their own actions and that much bad PR would ruin anyone’s “rep”.  For your contemplation, I present:

Sparkle Video Exhibit A:
Here we have the Devil caught on secret camera in 1965. This supposedly horrible and mean soul-stealing guy is tap dancing up a storm, swishing and swirling his luminous satin cape around like he doesn’t have a care in the world.  He sure looks like he’s having a blast and I just can’t help snapping my fingers to Lawrence Welk’s jazzy tunes while I sip on my martini and chair dance so.. if this is hell- sign me up!

Sparkle Video Exhibit B:
Featuring the female version of Satan, “Girl of Lucifer” is more proof that the only place I could be forever and eternally is this dazzling “Hell” filled with disco smoke, flashing lights and star filters.  It also seems well stocked with microphones so we know karaoke will still be on the menu as well as lots of delicious sparkly cocktails.  Wait.. is this Hell or Monster Ronson’s?  Either way- I’m good.