If a magic spell was cast on confetti which turned it into people, it would be today’s Sparkle Video.  In “I Love Men”, the dazzling Miss Eartha Kitt makes a purringly fabulous entrance onto a stage of flashing lights accented by sparkling floor disco balls.  Here she meets up with her posse of men and together they growl and slink though the crowd and then- KABLAM!  She’s in a bedroom where she becomes the sparkling center of a man sandwich (loves that the one on the left is giving Iggy Pop circa 1977!).  Then, once again she slinks off through the crowd while being showered in glitter while she makes her way back to the stage for a showstopping finale with her gaggle of underwear clad men.   It’s eerily like a dream I once had, however, she was me.


Today’s Sparkle Video is a fabulous fashion time capsule of grand proportion.  The  D.D. Sound is completely surrounded by the “athletic disco” look that was all the rage in 1977, complete with headbands, satin shorts and those old school striped gym socks that everyone loves.  I must admit this clip of “1,2,3,4 Gimme Some More” looks like it could be a commercial for American Apparel,  the clothing line that makes a fortune dressing people like a 70’s porn.  I wonder if the owner, Dov Charney, has ever seen this video because it would be genius to recreate.  And can you imagine the casting sessions?  SIZZLE !




Today’s Sparkle Video is pretty much EVERYTHING.   Thanks to the Videodrome Discotheque vault, we have this exceptionally disco-tastic clip of the  Ritchie Family, singing the anthem of anyone who has ever felt the urgency of needing to get on the dance floor immediately “I Feel Disco Good” as a video has personified that feeling by showing the ladies climbing the walls and writhing around in so much disco smoke, you can barely see them.   Thankfully, they’ve got those super high n’ tight ponytails (the only kind that matter) and sexy flowing chiffon dresses to make sure our eyes “stay on the prize”- them!   A special bonus is the seamless incorporation of footage from several classic disco movies .  This makes for such a show-stopping finale, that I’ve decided to stay home today, crank up the AC and watch each and every one of these fabulous films again.


Today’s Sparkle Video features Italian dancer and songstress Heather Parisi, who could teach the world a thing or two about delivering a showstopping performance.  This clip is from Musikladen, which means it’s already fabulous, but she works it like no other so watch and learn Soldiers!

 First lesson:  Bring giant-sized black and white cutouts of yourself to give the set a spaced-out Metropolis feel.  Very effective!  Second:  Outfit.  Heather’s dazzling interpretation of the tuxedo consists of a bedazzled dickie that gives the tease of side boob, but yet her naughty bits are strategically guarded by flesh colored fabric.  To complete her disco-tastic formal wear style is the only choice that makes sense- black sequin hot shorts.   Third:  Back-up dancers.  Dressed in satin, sequins and spandex.  Get Some.




In honor of my own “Teenage Rampage” last night celebrating the Fourth,  today’s Sparkle Video features one of my all-time favorite bands, The Sweet.    Soldiers, this is the way rock stars are supposed to look:  Head-to-toe metallic fashion with a good dose of embellishments, fabulous hair and lots of attitude.  All of this extra dazzle exemplifies the glam rock period which I’m hoping returns to the stage soon because when I pay for a concert ticket, I want the FULL SHOW.    Seriously, if I wanted to stare at jeans and t-shirts, I could just go stand in  The Gap for free, am I right?


Last month “Behind the Candelabra” premiered on HBO starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, who played our idol Liberace and his lover Scott Thorson.  I don’t think I have to tell you, but I will – both actors were AMAZING!   It seemed like forever that I waited for that magical day, but as we all know Soldiers, it was well worth the wait.  Which brings me to today’s Sparkle Video, which is one of the most glamorous and sparkle-tastic clips ever made.   It features the absolute coolest man on earth, Cee Lo Green, playing a character called “Loberace” who lives in grand style wearing sequins, feathers and capes and has bedazzled everything.   In “I Want You”, he’s a smooth operator with a silky voice who appreciates the glittering lifestyle.   So much so,  that he even has a portrait of Liberace on the wall which confirms my long-time suspicion that Mr. Green is indeed a Sparkle Soldier.




Today’s Sparkle Video was chosen for two reasons.  One: because it’s Sylvester and Two: because it features a remix from “Mighty Real: Greatest Dance Hits”, a collection of his music (including 12″ versions!), set for release this coming Tuesday.  This clip is an edited montage of videos showcasing Sylvester in some of his most glittering outfits along with a hypnotizing roller disco guy that I just can’t get enough of.  Then there’s the show-stopping melange of dancers in satin hot-shorts that starts at 1:57 and pulls you through an unrelenting rise to a sparkling peak at 2:56, when our angel raises his sequined covered wings in full disco glory!    Now I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t ususally care for remixes of the disco classics and this one is a bit speedier than I would personally choose (I’m a classic 4/4 girl), however I do believe that Sylvester would approve of this fun and exciting take on his music and therefore, so do I.


I am so in love with today’s Sparkle Video because it’s truly beautiful.   The sweet sounds of orchestrated strings calibrated to the disco beat always makes my heart flutter, and combined with the vocals of Love Unlimited takes this classic to a whole ‘nother level.  “Love’s Theme” performed live (yes, really live!) is also a visual treat starting with the Barry White & Love Unlimited light-up sign on top of the flashing lights of the Soul Train stage.  Then we have our three lovely ladies in matching big hair, bedazzled sparkle outfits, and hands adorned with gobs of gold rings and amazingly long nails– a style I’d like to see more often today.   On top of all that is the color.  The overwhelming warmth of red and yellow everywhere, from the stage down to the all the dancers in the crowd seems like everyone got a memo telling them what to wear.   However, I prefer to believe that like all things fabulous, it just happened magically.


I love funk just as much as the next General, however today’s Sparkle Video was chosen for one reason only: the sparkle outfit to end all sparkle outfits.  I’m gagging over the most singular sensation of head-to-toe sequins I have ever seen!  The singer from Graham Central Station is a vision in glittering silver made all the more sublime by bell sleeves, matching pants and a commanding rhinestone necklace (I’ll be honest, I could live without the wig, but I’ll never deny a Soldier their right to fabulously big hair).  I think that “Can You Handle It” is the perfect name for a song sung by one wearing this ultra-dazzling ensemble because not only can I handle it, but I want it.  Bad.


Today’s Sparkle Video is true perfection because not only does it feature our beloved queen, Donna Summer, but it also has a fabulous intro about the positive effects that going to the disco can have in one’s life.  This should be shown in schools all over the world so that future generations will understand the importance of flashing lights, disco balls and laser beams-  plus I’m sure it’s what Donna would’ve wanted.   I’m also sure that if we could speak to Donna now, she would say that her one regret in life was not wearing enough sparkle outfits, as many of her performance clips are “sans sequins” like this one.  However, that never stopped her from shining bright like a glittering diamond!   I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since her passing, and I don’t think it gets any easier to believe she’s gone, but thankfully we have these videos to enjoy and celebrate her eternal beauty and also to remind us that we are not Donna Summer, and therefore, sparkling is required at all times – especially on the dance floor.