Today’s Sparkle Video is pretty much EVERYTHING.   Thanks to the Videodrome Discotheque vault, we have this exceptionally disco-tastic clip of the  Ritchie Family, singing the anthem of anyone who has ever felt the urgency of needing to get on the dance floor immediately “I Feel Disco Good” as a video has personified that feeling by showing the ladies climbing the walls and writhing around in so much disco smoke, you can barely see them.   Thankfully, they’ve got those super high n’ tight ponytails (the only kind that matter) and sexy flowing chiffon dresses to make sure our eyes “stay on the prize”- them!   A special bonus is the seamless incorporation of footage from several classic disco movies .  This makes for such a show-stopping finale, that I’ve decided to stay home today, crank up the AC and watch each and every one of these fabulous films again.