I bought these Glitter Microphones in early October when they were displayed with the Halloween items but to me, they screamed “Fall Fashion Accessory!”.  Always one to trust my instincts, these glorious numbers have been making the scene with me everywhere.  I’ve found them appropriate for all occasions including, but not limited to: parties, happy hour, Skype dates and any time you feel like conducting cameraless interviews with total strangers.  Because of the “More is More” code of ethics we hold dear, I made sure to buy a few.  After all, you never know when you and your friends will break out in song and, although a beer bottle works just fine, how much more fabulous is it to whip out one of these? I can assure you- it’s pretty dam fabulous and after testing them for a whole month, Glitter Microphones are now declared a necessary part of any Sparkle Soldier’s wardrobe because they are APPROVED!

Warning: Carrying Glitter Microhphones as a fashion accessory may result in extra attention and bewildered looks from others which may eventually lead to extreme jealously and possible theft from those who didn’t think to buy their own.

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