Today’s Sparkle Video was chosen for several reasons, but mostly to remind everyone that the Sparkle Army likes BOTH kinds of music: Rock n’ Roll and Disco. Another reason is that today is October 1st, starting the countdown to Halloween- the holiday where everyone in NYC goes completely crazy, dresses up and parties!

In this video, The Cramps make a live television appearance in pure Sparkle Style style to answer the question everyone has on their minds, “What’s Inside a Girl?”.  Like many of their songs, this one takes humorous lyrics, old fashioned rockabilly sounds and adds a heaping tablespoon of psychotic frenzy!  I can’t watch this video without thinking of all The Cramps shows I’ve seen, the magic of Lux Interior and how much I miss him.  His passing was a devastating blow to the music world and fans everywhere so today, let’s go forth and make Lux proud! Grab your finest, sleaziest Cramps memories and put on some gold spandex, high heels and sunglasses (yes, i’m talking to the boys) and run in the streets screaming.. “Today Is Sparkle Video Day F*ckers!”


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