Today’s Sparkle Video from Rokotto rocks my whole entire being.  Aside from being one of the most well outfitted bands to grace a stage, they sing the only gospel that matters in this world.   Listening to the golden sequined singer preach that “There is just one way that people come together- it’s in the music that we play”  has me screaming “AMEN!”.   In fact, this sparkle-tastic performance of “Funk Theory” makes me not only proud to be a believer in the Word of Glitter, but also in the magical power of music and dance and, most importantly,  a believer that there are more of us than them- but ain’t that what funk is all about?

…. and by the way if I might add… Join The Sparkle Army on November 19, 2011 at Monster Ronson’s where we will praise, praise, praise!