Today’s Sparkle Video celebrates the absolute King of Disco, Marc Cerrone, who’s first hit was back in 1976.  Can you believe that “Love in C Minor” was actually turned down by the record labels (such fools)?  Thankfully, the people on the dance floor (the only ones that matter) knew right away that this was pure magic.  In fact, if there is any one person that owns disco, it’s Cerrone and his prolific onslaught of timeless tracks including “Je Suis Music”, “Supernature”, “Midnight Lady” and “You are the One” which features vocals from the legendary Jocelyn Brown.  Today, after more than 30 years, his music is still furiously played by DJ’s everywhere and he continues to compose, produce and play the largest drum kit known to man as well as collaborate with many different artists, which brings me all the way back to today’s Sparkle Video.  Now, normally I detest most modern remixes of the classics because they always seem to destroy the spirit of the of original, but not this one- excellent work Bob Sinclair!  Not only does this 2001 version of “Give Me Love” pay fabulous tribute to the master, but it’s turned up the sex a few notches by adding a bunch of naked women smeared in metallic makeup and shimmering gold flecks writhing in ecstasy and I’m sure that Cerrone is nothing but proud.