This is like crack for the hopelessly SPARKLE ADDICTED! Let’s skip over the song, as I prefer to shut off the volume and replace it with the glorious sound of The Trammps “Disco Inferno”.  Luv’s video is all about the outfits- they are so nonsensically fabulous in a medieval cheerleader/Judas Priest sorta way. The fleshy bodysuit that only suggests nudity combined with Heavy Metal studded shoulder pads and wrist cuffs proves that sometimes, being all over the place really does work!

The other thing that makes today’s Sparkle Video special is that instead of using the 4 point STARFILTER commonly used in the 70’s- this show went FULL KABLAM with 8 points and the results are BEYOND!  Those sequins are twinkling like magic nonstop and it’s making me want to write the President demanding that this effect becomes a national mandate… who’s with me?


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