Everyone who’s anyone knows that the weekend starts on Thursday so here’s a sparkling classic to get you in the mood.  You better get on up, you better get on down, you better make some contact tonight! Besides… it’s almost Friday!

Gods From Outer Space

No, “Gods From Outer Space” is not another laser-laden porn movie, it’s the title of the long awaited full length album from Den Haan.  As many of you remember, they played the most dazzling live set at the last Sparkle Army party while wearing silver metallic space suits as well as brought along their massive sparkling party entourage from Glasgow. FABULOUS!  Well, they achieve top honors once again because this album speaks right to Da General’s heart as they don’t waste my time with the slow build. They go straight for the disco jugular and then rip it to shreds, just the way I like it.  It’s almost impossible to pick a favorite track, but I can tell you that spaced-out sparkle-sluts everywhere NEED this album so get it now… and that’s an order!

High Noon

Two Sisters ” High Noon” is one super hot track that brings back sparkling memories of my old break dancing days. Okay- I never really was a break dancer, but I dreamt about it a lot and in those dreams, I’m madly spinning and busting the greatest pop n’ lock routine ever seen.  I’m also wearing a show-stopping purple sequin track suit with matching kicks and I’m always dancing to this song.

Welcome to the Disco

Another snow day in NYC.  I don’t know about you, but I need a soundtrack to help me get motivated to trudge through this white wonderland and Air Power’s 1979 classic,”Welcome to the Disco”, is just the song to do it.  Dance tracks that start with sassy girl talk always make me smile and this one leads up to such a glorious moment at 1:43 when the high drama strings kick in-  and that’s exactly when I will head out to glide and swish with reckless abandon in my magenta booties because not even snow can stop the Disco Machine.


F*ck True Blood- Give Me Disco Dracula!

All I know is, wherever I end up on Halloween better have these tracks.

“Give me, Give, Me Give Me….Your Blood….”    H-O-T !





Release the Beast

Better than coffee, I am starting my day robot dancing to Den Haan’s “Release the Beast”. Dazzling bits of Moroder mixed with trashy computer sounds is a match made in Disco Heaven and we can all relate to the lyrics.  They’re about working hard all week long and looking forward to getting SPARKLED UP and heading straight to the dance floor to RELEASE THAT DISCO BEAST INSIDE US!

Okay, so I added the Sparkle part, but they do mention putting on makeup, so it’s a natural assumption. Besides-  it will all be true on September 11, when Den Haan plays LIVE at the Join The Sparkle Army at Monster Ronson’s in Berlin.  I’m so excited!


Baby, Let’s Do The Cocomotion!

Today is all about sharing a favorite and this one is epic!  Nothing else I’ve ever heard can compare to the beautiful complexity of El Coco’s “Cocomotion”.  When you listen to this song, you can taste the champagne and feel THE FABULOSITY OF 1977!

The musical journey begins with a dramatic string intro and then builds every few bars bringing a new layer of instruments to enjoy. I think Disco was so much better when real instruments were played, don’t you agree?  Real drums and snares, real strings, real horns- the roundness of the sounds are so full of life. From the twonky guitars to the glorious horns to the SEXY SPARKLING VOCALS- this is THE ONE that’s playing in Disco Heaven… I just know it!


Space Porn Sounds Like This

When it comes to music, the Sparkle Army’s motto is: We like both kinds of music- ROCK N’ ROLL and DISCO! Both are driving, hard, sexy genres that cause provocative and “uncensored” behavior and that’s the kind of party we all want to be at!

Today’s featured track is an Italo Disco number that rocks my world! “I’m Not Ready” by Fred Ventura is a sexy combination I call “New Order meets Divine at Human League’s house and then Bobby O shows up for cocktails”.  There’s got to be a porn flick somewhere with this in it- one with SPACE SLUTS in partially SPANDEXED BODIES, writhing to the rhythm while Space Ship Control lights flash all around them.  If not… let’s make one!



Today’s Sparkle Video is a celebration of all things right in the world:  The legendary Toilet Boys reformed, live and SPARKLING! The show took place last Monday night at Le Poisson Rouge, where the AC must have been broken-because it was hot, hot, HOT!  Maybe it was the heat emanating from the band, who’s devoted fans endured the high temps and rocked out in proper NYC style?  All I know is they did not disappoint, and that includes new member Shane who has filled Rik Rocket’s combat boots fabulously!

Enough biz talk- let’s discuss Sparkle Fashion.  HOLLA MISS GUY!  Not one, but TWO DAZZLING OUTFITS and added bonus of the night, drummer Eddie making a statement in a BEDAZZLED TANK! Be still my heart!  The only thing missing that night was Sean’s show stopping “fire trick”, but that place would have gone up in flames in an instant!  Still- I can’t think of a better way to go.