The election year just got serious here in the States with the R.N.C. happening this week and the D.N.C. will be next, so I thought today’s Sparkle Video was more than appropriate.  The “Friendship Train” is a musical celebration of harmony and peace sung by one of the greatest singers of our time, the lovely Gladys Knight.  On a total side note, this was back in 1972 and I’m gagging to know her beauty secrets because if you see her today, she’s hardly aged a day.  Anyway, back to the video which I’m seeing as some sort of visual patriotic message because we have Ms. Knight in fabulous red sequins, the super cool “Pips” styling in luscious blue 3-piece suits and the audience is a dazzling array of white.  I think by using the colors of our flag strategically in this video, they have created a sparkling call for us to unite, get passed our differences and work together because “Harmony is the key, my sisters and brothers”.  That’s right everybody, get on!