I’ve been holding off a really long time making this the Friday Sparkle Video because I’m so obsessed with it, I’m no longer objective. Then I remembered, this blog all about me and what I like.. so there!

Today’s Sparkle Video, “Watch My Mouth”, has everything right visually so let me start by stating the obvious: Cazwell is HOT! Moving on, I’m just crazy for the art direction which features bright colors, exciting graphics and oversized “gay-riffic” hip hop jewelry.  What’s more, along with appearances by the usual suspects like Amanda Lepore and a couple of hot “Papis”, this video also works in a surprise cameo from makeup artist extraordinaire, Danilo.  Finally, to top it all off, it’s such a catchy tune that I have to hear it at least once a day- and when when I say “once a day”-  I really mean seven.


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