Deos Earphone Covers: APPROVED!


There’s only one thing that could make me love music more than I already do and it’s these delightful creatures. What better way to ignore those annoying “clipbboard” people on the street than to crank up my iPod and dazzle-on by with these blindingly bedazzled Deos Earphone Covers?  There are several colors to choose from as well different versions like “Accent Crystal”, which has sparkles that trim only the edge, and the ultra-fabulous “Full Crystal“. No matter which ones grace your lobes, you’ll be in true Sparkle Soldier style because they’re Swarovskis, they’re super hot and they are APPROVED!

Redo My Shoe… PLEASE!

I am sick with the illness of burning desire to possess every one of these custom sparkle-ized shoes from Redo My Shoe.  Have you ever seen anything so fabulous in your life as these Laboutin heels covered in thousands of Swarovski crystals?  The ultra-highest of Sparkle Army honors goes out to Joseph and his dazzling creations which can be ordered through his store on Etsy and while your at it- send a pair to Da General.. yah?