Due to a crushing Champagne hangover, this is going to be short and sweet, but no matter because today’s Sparkle Video doesn’t need much introduction. The fabulous Amanda Lepore’s “Cotton Candy” is oodles of fun with gobs of GLITTERING JEWELS and DANCING SPARKLES! Also starring super hottie Cazwell as the nerdy love interest, this is one of those videos I can’t get enough of- it really is sweet like Cotton Candy!


Empire Sparkle Heels: APPROVED!

The press release for these limited edition shoes came out in Spring and the official photos did not do them justice.  On Monday night, I strolled past the GEOX store where these shoes are smartly displayed and I immediately felt lightheaded- stars swooned around my head as a flurry of sparks lit up my eyes! “Sparkle Confusion” soon set in, as I wasn’t sure whether to focus on the fully SEQUINED UPPER SHOE or the RHINESTONE ENCRUSTED HEEL shaped in honor of NYC’s own Empire State Building. What a fabulous tribute and purely magical idea!

The only problem with these shoes- which do I choose?  Leopard, black and purple sequin- all are my favorites and all are APPROVED!