Red Hot Nails with Disco Pinkie: APPROVED!


Nothing makes my heart beat faster than some ultra long, dangerously pointy red hot nails unless you throw in a dazzling disco pinkie, and then it’s more like KABLAM!  These gorgeous fingers are attached to NYC Nightlife Superstar Darian Darling, who makes a living by being herself (a.k.a. “fabulous”) twentyfour-seven.   Glamor, parties and glamorous parties are all in a day’s work for Darian, so having spectacular hands is not just a fashion choice, it’s a lifestyle requirement and- making sure that they sparkle?  APPROVED! APPROVED! APPROVED!

Japanese Manicures: KABLAM!

Once again, the Japanese have taken fashion and beauty to a whole ‘nother level.  While here in America, women are “oohing and ahhing” over nail polish strips with decorative patterns on them, this is what Gyaru models Sakurina and Cocona are featuring.


These ladies are my kind of girls because they take “More is More” and add lots More on top.   This glittering fabulosity has taken my life long fascination with Press-On-Nails and turned it into a whole new jewel encrusted obsession.  I simply must have my talons dripping with diamonds, swarovskis, dangling chains and a few bedazzled skulls here and there.  Of course, I won’t be able to do much aside from hang out and sparkle- but really, what else is there?