“Party Time” Sparkle Shirt: APPROVED!

I spotted this fabulous shirt on the way home today and aside from the fact that it’s in glorious multi-sparkle, what amazes me most about it is that I never thought to make something like this for myself.  After all, a sparkle shirt that says “Party Time” just screams Da General, am I right?  However, that’s not all it screams because if you listen closely, you’ll also hear “Buy me Soldier ‘cuz I’m fun, I sparkle and I’m APPROVED!”.


Multi-Sparkle Ear: APPROVED!

I saw this today and was so delighted that I had to take a photo.  This eye catching ear decorated in fabulous Multi-Sparkle belongs to Honey, manicurist to the stars, who is so rightfully proud of her dazzling good taste that she quickly turned around so that I could capture the other side.  She is a true believer in “More is More” and assured me that it never crossed her mind to go minimal with her colorful gemstones and Honey… that kind of style is always APPROVED!


Multi-Sparkle Nails

Everyone knows I favor the “dancing school fabulous” of multi-colored sparkles when it comes to my outfits, but did you know that also applies to my nails as well?  Seriously, why choose one color glitter to paint your nails when going with “the multi” is so much more exciting.  Two of my favorite products to achieve DSF or Multi-Sparkle Nails are found in the drugstore and so easy to apply that you can be ready to hit the disco at a moments notice.

Wet n’ Wild’s “Party of Five Glitters” says it all in the name: red, silver, green, purple, and blue sparkles floating together happily in shiny clear lacquer.  I like at least 4 or 5 coats for maximum sparkle, but don’t worry-  it’s a fast dry polish which means you won’t have to miss the open bar.  Sally Hansen’s Salon Effect Nail Polish Strips in “Frock Star” are equally dazzling, but take their “multi” a step further by adding orange and gold into that mix of colors so you can wear these no matter which color sequins dominate your outfit.  Now that’s what I call freedom!