Marc Almond is a my hero in more ways than one.  First- he’s got the voice of an angel from heaven, Second- a never ending closet of glittering sparkle outfits and now he proves once again why he’s the “King of Fabulous.”  In today’s Sparkle Video, “Glorious”,  he’s saying, “Bite me, Aging. I’ll just bedazzle my whole face”  And it works Soldiers.  It works!  What better way to take hold of the inevitable than to cover it with Swarovskis?  I really don’t care how old Marc Almond gets, because he’s forever beautiful to me.  However, RESPECT for sharing this dazzling new tactic.




Only the legendary Marc Almond could combine sequin overload and ballerinas with a beautiful romantic ballad and come away with something so magical.  Thanks to his never ending supply of sparkle outfits, he is a regular on Sparkle Video day, but this is truly one of his most glittering ensembles ever.  The fact that it wasn’t enough just to wear sparkles from head to toe and that he chose to add exploding dazzle graphics all over him to accentuate the look confirms once again why he is one of my favorite artists of all time.  Now, take all of that and throw in the voice of an angel from heaven and you’ve got yourself a KABLAM!