Today’s Sparkle Video is proof positive that at one time, fabulous taste was everywhere.  “Fiebre” (Fever) was a Mexican TV show in the 70’s that was a glorious 2 hour dance contest which also featured disco fashion extreme, thumping music galore and the only decor ever needed, at all, period.   There are so many glittering sequins and yards of shimmering fabric that it’s absolutely blinding and though it’s difficult to pick a favorite outfit, mine is the green sequin catsuit that’s owning the light-up dancefloor.  Soldiers, when I rule the world this is how everything will look all the time- a dazzling feast for the eyes and ears to behold.  Coincidentally, that’s also the idea behind the Sparkle Army parties and watching this makes me want to have one right now!

Light Up Ceiling?

As you all know, I just can’t stop talking about Light Up Dance Floors, but something I never considered before has come to my attention: Light Up Ceilings! There are so many versions out there, but this one looks like some sort of tunnel that encapsulates you like a spaceship gone wrong-  I must have it.  I want to walk through it, dance through it.. possibly vogue through it!  In fact, I want both the Light Up Dance Floor and the Light Up Ceiling and I want anything else that lights up too because it’s now 2011 and Even More is More!