Disco Commercials: 7-Up

This spot for 7-Up proudly proclaims “I’d Do it!”- which I’m guessing means they’d drink the soda, but it is a disco commercial after all so you never know.  Just look at that scene of snazzy dancers twirling and grooving on the light up dance floor – it’s like a sneak peak into disco heaven.  Not to mention that the jingle lyrics, “It’s the same thing only different”, seems to imply that someone brought a flask to spike those soft drinks and turn them into sparkley cocktails.  Oh 1978!

VIEWER IMPRESSION:  I’d totally do it!


One of the greatest things about Sparkle Videos is that no matter where they come from, they all speak the same language: FABULOUS!   Today, we have Disco Queen Sylvie Vartan singing and strutting in a sexy sparkling tiger number that fearlessly shows off her gorgeous gams while she’s tossed around between four dancing men in sunglasses.  With the addition of a light-up dance floor- that spells fantastic!