What a slow start on the day that this “blizzard” has caused, but nothing that could keep me from posting today’s Sparkle Video because of one fabulous word: space.  Yes, this clip had me smitten right from the very beginning with its sparkling space vehicle flanked by two strumming spacemen who are playing a somewhat Spanish sounding song.  That is, until Miss Mistral shows up in her glam-tastic silver space suit and delightful glitter makeup and begins singing about a mystical and dreamy flight on “Starship 109.”  One can truly only hope that this is what space travel is going to be like- smooth sultry, sexy people all flying together into new frontiers.  Sounds a lot like the adventures coming our way in 2014, which reminds me Soldiers… Happy New Year!



Once you get past Paul Stanley‘s shirtless rock n’ roll intro, today’s Sparkle Video is abuzz with visual delight featuring a bedazzled Ace Frehley.  Performing the classic “Back in the New York Groove” with his glittering light-up guitarAce and the Kiss crew are the perfect example of why the Sparkle Army loves both kinds of music: rock n’ roll and disco. Aside from loving the sounds, the reason is that both genres use the required elements of fabulous, such as show-stopping outfits and a stage of filled with flashing lights, which is the only way true Superstars roll.

Yes Soldiers- I’m back!  Back in the Sparkle Groove- yeah!


In honor of my own “Teenage Rampage” last night celebrating the Fourth,  today’s Sparkle Video features one of my all-time favorite bands, The Sweet.    Soldiers, this is the way rock stars are supposed to look:  Head-to-toe metallic fashion with a good dose of embellishments, fabulous hair and lots of attitude.  All of this extra dazzle exemplifies the glam rock period which I’m hoping returns to the stage soon because when I pay for a concert ticket, I want the FULL SHOW.    Seriously, if I wanted to stare at jeans and t-shirts, I could just go stand in  The Gap for free, am I right?


Today’s Sparkle Video is a request by Dave Danger, a big fan of Gary Glitter and an even bigger fan of fabulous entrances. Anyone who descends from the sky riding a smoking, fire-breathing dragon is okay in my book, especially if he’s in a silver metallic outfit that includes a slinky matching vest, chunky heels and topped off with his trademark oversized shoulders. Papa Ooo Mow Mow!



Today’s Sparkle Video is a tribute to how cool childrens’ television used to be. “Kaptain Kool and the Kongs” was a delicious Glam Rock n’ Glitter treat every Saturday morning that I’m pretty sure contributed to my overall outlook on life. Teaching kids important stuff like how to rock out in rhinestones and sparkles is something we don’t see enough of today and we need to bring that back PRONTO! If not, we are destined to face generations of very unsparkly and unfabulous people and I don’t want to live in a world like that- do you?



Today’s Sparkle Video, “I Like It Both Ways” is RETRO ROCK RAPTURE! What better way to randomly mention again that the Sparkle Army likes both kinds of music- Rock N’ Roll and Disco, than by watching this colorful delight.  It’s so over the top stylistically that I’m having trouble believing it’s actually from 1976.  Doesn’t it look like something made by the cleverest of groovy hipsters?  The Glam Rock jumpsuits, fabulous shag haircuts, multiple rainbow splits and “vintage car spaceships” make me want to jump in a time machine and head straight to the nearest Supernaut party!  Who’s with me?