Great Moments in Disco Fashion History: Designer Jeans



Before the late 70’s and early 80’s, jeans were mainly worn by blue collar workers and rebellious outsider types who went against the norm of fashion standards.  Enter disco music and Designer Jeans which transformed denim from casual and easy into very tight and ultra fabulous thus giving rise to one of the most famous expressions of all time: “painted on jeans”.  While some of the labels had actual known designers behind them like Gloria Vanderbilt and Calvin Klein, many of them were unheard of names that, through the magic of advertising, became fantastically successful and amazingly unforgettable.

Some of the legendary tag lines forever etched in our brains are “Oh La La Sasson!”, ” Uh, Oh Sergio!” and my personal favorite, “I Beg Your Chardon”.  Equally enduring is the Jordache song, “You’ve got the look I want to know better…You’ve got the look that’s all together…” which is still one of the most recognized jingles in TV commercial history.  How dazzling that they all implied that anyone who wore these jeans enjoyed a lifestyle of dancing, sex, parties and gobs popularity with the “in” crowd.  In fact, Designer Jeans and their ad campaigns lead the way in another category we hold near and dear to our hearts, The Disco Commercial.

To be continued…