An awesome thing happened this week.  Two new, equally sparkle-tastic videos were posted online and there was no way to choose which one would be today’s Sparkle Video. Since everyone knows that more is more, I’m featuring both!

“And We Danced” is a delightful treat mixed and produced by musical genius Sare Havlicek.  This track from Xequtifz features the vocals of gorgeous and talented Hannah Mancini who turns out so much joy in multiple sparkle outfits (HOLLA HANNAH!).  Intoxicating happiness will overwhelm you and the “giddies”  will attack when a rainbow of dancers in colorful spandex make the scene and once those gigantic bows come out- it’s ALL OVER and a party of fabulous proportion ensues!


Crystal Ark’s “The City That Never Sleeps” was directed by none other than Sparkle Army Heroes, The Dazzle Dancers.  Anything they touch is pure sparkle gold and this is no exception!  I’m not sure if I got the translation right, but what I see is sex kitten Viva Ruiz and synth whiz Gavin Rossum doing any righteous New Yorker’s duty by helping all night partiers find the fiercest, most “going-on” after party in town.  This is absolutely the track I’d wanna hear on this dance floor filled with flashing lights, laser beams and sparkling magic horsies, monkeys and other shimmering creatures. The answer is “YES! I want some of whatever it is they’ve  got!


There’s only one thing to say about today’s Sparkle Video and that’s: KABLAM!  THE DAZZLE DANCERS are Heroes of the Sparkle Army and in this sassy version of the Love Boat, it’s pretty clear why. All of our favorite things jam packed into 4 minutes and 1 second of fun- scantily clad bodies, glitter, sparkles and MORE GLITTER! Did you happen to notice the fabulous use of SPARKLE CUFF FASHION? (Get Some!)

“Although we prefer to be nude, the Dazzle Dancers perform covered in glitter and stripped down to masterfully designed costumes. Our goals, however, extend beyond mere spectacle. We are committed to spreading a message of love and sexual freedom. We battle the forces of blandness, fear and isolation so common in our clenched culture of coffee franchises, fear marketing and money worship. All of this is accomplished through the powerful forces of dance, glitter and fun”  (excerpt from Dazzle Dancers’ Manifesto,