Today’s Sparkle Video is a bit of a departure from our usual favorites, rock n’ roll and disco.  It’s a funky soul groove featuring that masked superhero of sexually explicit music, Blowfly “Shake Your Ass” features Mr. Fly, aka Clarence Reid, in various scenarios urging people to “get on up” and dance.  As always, he’s dressed in his trademark shimmering gold outfit, undercover mask and required fabulous cape-  all accented by glorious sparking sequins. I’ve seen him perform live a couple of times and he never disappoints in both sparkle and shock factors.  In fact, this is the only clip I could have chosen for today because all of the others are triple X-rated!  You’ll have to look those up on your own Soldiers, ’cause Da General likes to keep it squeaky clean around here…  sort of.


Warning Soldiers:  You are about to witness a Sparkle Video beyond anything you’ve witnessed before and which also serves as a reminder that there will only ever be one Godfather of Soul.  Here, James Brown and his band are performing “Payback” live and killing it so hard that a party of sparkling proportion is happening on that stage filled with rhinestones and shimmering capes.  It’s not just happening on the stage either- take a look at the Soul Train dancers.  They are totally feeling it and so am I, for even though it’s only 11:30am, I am dressed and ready to hit the disco (or at least an early happy hour)!

By the way, I’d also like to take time in this post to thank my childhood sitters who were not only sisters, but “Sisters” with fabulously big afros.  They played lots of James Brown for me and my brother while teaching us how to dance “The Bump” and then rewarded us with a trip to the candy store after.
Debbie & Tanya: you were the best- thanks for giving Da General some soul!