Today’s Sparkle Video is a continuing celebration of the fabulous 80’s and each member of this group represents visual details of this decade that was so fun and exciting.  Asymmetrical hairstyles, baggy pants and Keytars for boys and belted over-sized blouses on top of leggings accented by mismatched fingerless gloves and a multitude of bracelets for the girls.   These elements plus a good steady dance beat make Lian Ross’s “Fantasy” more than a just time capsule – it’s the totally 80’s package!


I’m not sure how I made it through the 80’s learned about all the fabulous music from the 80’s without ever hearing this song, but now that I’ve found it I will never let go because I’m OBSESSED.  Sure, sure- there’s gobs of flashing lights, outfits of metallic brocade amongst other supreme 80’s fashion and even a gong, but I’m smitten with today’s Sparkle Video from Fox on Fox for other reasons.  One is that they’re an obvious precursor to Army of Lovers, of whom I’m also a fan, but also because “Precious Little Diamonds” has truly latched on to me like no other song.  Perhaps there’s no way to not love a song about diamonds, but I think it’s more about the down-tempo groove laying sensuously below falsetto vocals and a heavy bass line.  Yup- that’s it.