It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for- the official invite for the next Sparkle Army party at Monster Ronson’s in magical Berlin!

If you have a Spaced Out Sparkle Outfit you’ve been gagging to wear- this would be the time!  Den Haan is coming all the way from Glasgow for an intergalactic LIVE performance along with Lendless from Berlin!   DJ’s Emil Doesn’t Drive and SpaceLex will keep you dancing all night and I’ll be there too- with SPARKLES ON!

September 11, 2010….   see you soon!

Baby, Let’s Do The Cocomotion!

Today is all about sharing a favorite and this one is epic!  Nothing else I’ve ever heard can compare to the beautiful complexity of El Coco’s “Cocomotion”.  When you listen to this song, you can taste the champagne and feel THE FABULOSITY OF 1977!

The musical journey begins with a dramatic string intro and then builds every few bars bringing a new layer of instruments to enjoy. I think Disco was so much better when real instruments were played, don’t you agree?  Real drums and snares, real strings, real horns- the roundness of the sounds are so full of life. From the twonky guitars to the glorious horns to the SEXY SPARKLING VOCALS- this is THE ONE that’s playing in Disco Heaven… I just know it!