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I’m not sure how this post is going to turn out as I’m doing it from my phone. It’s never the method of choice, but when you’re traveling back from the German countryside trying to make sure that the Sparkle Video gets up on time, you do what you must. Today’s Sparkle Video is defintely a must because not only does it feature one of my idols, Amanda Lear, but she’s singing about one of my favorite subjects: the Studio 54 crowd. Fittingly, this video also features gobs of disco fashion- something I never get enough of even only days after swimming in it at Monster Ronsons’ last Saturday night!


Today’s Sparkle Video is the only choice for the night before Join The Sparkle Army at Monster Ronson’s.  Laurice (aka Laurie) Marshall is singing about a fabulous “Disco Shapeship” in the sky while he wears a silver metallic caftan and glitter sprinked afro coif. His enlightening words still hold up today because some humans (not us of course) could still use some fabulous aliens from all over the galaxy to come down and show how it’s really done.  And when I say “It” I mean peace, harmony and getting down on the dance floor in a serious way.  See it fly!